A Dream Deferred

This foundation was created in memory of my brother, to continue a vision that he and I had talked about on numerous occasions before the pressures of a new world affected our lives.

Harvey was always willing and excited about helping everyone. He was a gentle spirited person, who believed in caring about others. After being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys (#79), we were going to go back to the community and promote the importance of continuing your education. The time demands of a professional athlete were extremely taxing, and so many people appeared to need his help, that this vision was never initiated.

When Harvey died in December 2001, I really wanted to make the one dream that meant so much to both of us come true, unfortunately, it took several years to adjust to living without him in my life so the dream was postponed once again. After meeting and interacting with so many marginal students who wanted to attend college and couldn’t because of their finances or not being in the top percentile of their class, I decided it was time to revisit the vision and make it happen. It has become a passion of mine and the many volunteers to reach out and assist as many marginal students, who qualify for our program, as our budget will allow. Now that Harvey is no longer here physically, his part of the dream will continue through others that knew and admired him and this will help the foundation make dreams come true.

For those of you that were too young or just did not know who Harvey was, here is a little information. Harvey graduated from South Oak Cliff High school in 1969 and received a four (4) year college scholarship to East Texas State University (Texas A & M University at Commerce) as a defensive end. Harvey received several awards/accolades in college and in his senior year (1973), he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the third round.

Harvey (To Mean) Martin was known by the public as the brawny, 6’5”, 250 pound Dallas Cowboy that liked Martinizing quarterbacks. The team taught and introduced Harvey to the real world that our parents, especially our mother, desperately shielded us from. There were several people that aided in his personal and professional growth, success, demise and rebirth.

Harvey was always a Dallas Cowboy fan in his younger days and never thought he would be a part of his hometown team. It is so important for me to pursue what we as brother and sister did not initiate when he was alive. Helping those students in the inner city continue their education, learn how to manage their time, finances and how important it is to know who you are, what your goals are for your future and the hidden consequences of your actions.

Please visit other areas of our website to get more information are refresh your memory about Harvey’s life.

Harvey was and still is a wonderful, down to earth GREAT guy, whose legacy will live on by assisting students, who really want help with their futures.

I Will Always Love You My Brother,
Mary Alice