The Harvey Martin Dream Foundation, Inc. was conceived by the late Harvey Martin and his sister, Mary Martin. In honor of her brother’s legacy, it has become Mary’s inspiration and passion to establish a foundation in her brother’s memory that will motivate, encourage, inspire and financially assist the ‘average’ or ‘marginal’ student who has the desire to further their educational aspirations beyond the high school level.

The foundation will incorporate the talents and inputs of academia – educators from multiple tiers and classifications, guidance counselors, and professionals, who will serve as mentors, from the private sector. The Foundation values a participatory and shared environment that will enhance program excellence and program delivery. It is a continued objective to explore opportunities for partnerships in academia, the private sector, and the community.

The development and ongoing implementation of various programs and objectives will foster a variety of educational activities and opportunities. A core planning team will establish benchmarks, identify best practices and track outcomes of programs facilitated by the foundation. Evaluation procedures will be ongoing and consistently revised in order to meet the needs of each student and the focus of the foundation. Accountability standards will be established reviewed and updated bi-annually as to mirror the curriculum instructed within the local school district and other educational entities. The foundation will establish a data driven process collaboratively focusing on local school district’s graduation requirements.

To ensure ongoing program development, research and evaluation, the foundation will collaborate with the local campus to complete student evaluations to include information that will assist with instructional recommendations and program eligibility decisions.

Program resources and other funds will be targeted by foundation board members to augment existing resources. In an effort to bolster project initiatives, activities, special programs and grants, a variety of other financial resources will be explored to create and sustain a more stable program environment.

Our Mission

Harvey Martin Dream Foundation’s mission is to identify and improve the educational experience of marginal high school students through mentorship, instructional programs and community involvement.


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