• Establish a collaborative environment that provides a comprehensive and effective utilization of resources for the staff and students
  • Develop an instructional focus that is interactive, multi-level and comprehensive
  • Create a foundation network of individuals from multi-dimensional professions and cultures
  • Develop an infrastructure that supports the recruitment, development and retention of competent staff
  • Create a process/system that actively pursues grants and other public and private funding, grants and resources
  • Establish ongoing checks and balances in order to increase operational efficiencies
  • Enhance the awareness of the foundation by participating in various community and outreach events
  • Develop an environment that supports the continuous improvement of programs and student interests
  • Develop relationships with higher education institutions, seek out community venues such as YWCA, YMCA, Recreation and Community Centers and schools for locations to administer program activities


  1. Identify marginal students who demonstrate a genuine desire to improve and progress academically
  2. Improve student’s overall academic experience through instructional programs, social, cultural and educational initiatives
  3. Identify and implement best practices
  4. Identify and pursue funding opportunities
  5. Identify and address the individual instructional needs of each student participating in the program
  6. Identify, attract and retain staff
  7. Continuously evaluate and initiate program improvements where necessary


Our core values are essential components that will influence and build a strong foundation for all who are associated with the organization.  We, at The Harvey Martin Dream Foundation are:

  • D edicated to Excellence

Consistently exploring innovative means to engage and motivate the student to improve their scholastic capability and overall perspective on education and life skills; continually improve our ability to identify opportunities that will assist with the development of knowledge, skills, and character.

  • R espectful

Cultivate and demonstrate a genuine respect and interest for the well-being of each student regardless of circumstances, beliefs and/or national origin.

  • E ncouraging

Realize the full potential of all participants; rewarding accomplishment, and sharing our expertise and insights with others.

  • A ccountable

Operating with integrity that is beyond reproach; maintaining quality by utilizing best practices with an ongoing evaluation process, following through, being consistent and fair.

  • M ulticultural

Embrace and encourage multicultural tolerance and respect